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8-Channel ProXR Lite ZB Mesh Relay

ProXR Lite Relay 8-Channel 30-Amp SPST with ZB ZigBee Interface

Product Code: R830PL_ZBMESH

R830PL_ZBMESH ProXR Lite Relay Controller
The R830PL_ZBMESH features an XSC Long Range Wireless module that will allow you to trigger relays wirelessly up to 15 miles.

ProXR Lite Series at a Glance

  • Low-Cost High-Volume Surface Mount Machine-Manufactured Design
  • Based on 5-Year Warranty Designs with Limited Warranty to Lower cost
  • Offers 100% Emulation of ProXR AD8 Firmware
  • 8-Channel of 8/10-Bit Analog to Digital Conversion
  • Supports 1, 2, 4, or 8 Relays on Bank 1
  • Not Expandable to Save Cost
  • Available with USB, 802.15.4, XSC, or ZigBee Mesh Interface
ZB Mesh Relay
Pro XR Lite ZB Mesh Interface

The R830PL_ZBMESH is equipped with firmware built into the board that will allow you to control one relay at a time, a bank of relays or all relays at once with manual and automatic refreshing command set. The R830PL_ZBMESH Relay uses a Mesh Networking Coordinater connected to the USB port of your computer to communicate.  The modem supports any available COM port at any standard baud rate, allowing easy integration into any program that support serial communications.

R830PL_ZBMESH The Ideal Choice
The R830PL_ZBMESH ProXR Lite Relay is an ideal choice for applications that require you to add relay control to youe existing Mesh Network.  We don't reccommend first time users learning Mesh Networking wiht these devices.

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ZigBee Mesh networking is pretty slow, but extremely powerful and very reliable when you follow all the rules.


Here's Where to Order:

Ratings AC DC
Voltage 240 24
ProXR Lite Relay 8-Channel 30-Amp SPST with ZB ZigBee Interface
Part#: R830PL_ZBMESH $314.00

Power Supply Available

PWR12 Power Supply
The PWR12 is regulated power supply providing clean power necessary for the performance of these boards
Power Supplies $24/ea
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Wireless Mesh Networking Relay

Take all the Power of the ProXR Command Set
...add the Power of a ZB ZigBee Networking Interface..
...and you've got  More That a "Lite Relay Controller"!

Available as a ZB ZigBee Mesh Network Mesh Networking Router Icon Router or Mesh Networking Endpoint Icon Endpoint

For the Advanced User

ZigBee Mesh networking is pretty slow, but extremely powerful and very reliable when you follow all the rules. We highly recommend you purchase a ZigBee Development Kit from before attempting to use this communication technology...ZB Mesh is for the advanced user. But it has the distinction of offering a low-cost Mesh networking protocol...which means wireless data hops around the wireless network until it reaches the destination device...very cool! Very powerful, very long range, but NOT for the timid.

Data Travels Over Mesh Network

The latest Buzz in Wireless Technology is ZB ZigBee.  ZB ZigBee is a great way to communicate data throughout buildings (or even across town) because it uses all the devices in the area to make sure your data arrives at its intended destination.  ZB ZigBee automatically hops your data all over the ZB ZigBee Mesh Network,  transparently forwarding your data to its intended destination.  The beauty of ZB ZigBee is that you don't have to do anything except tell it where you want your data to go.  The ZB ZigBee Mesh Network handles everything else for you.  We have created a page dedicated to helping ZB ZigBee Mesh Network users understand this technology.

ProXR Command Set

By combining the power of ZB ZigBee Mesh Networking with our ProXR series relay controllers, you can take advantage of our powerful ProXR command set for data collection and control, in combination with many wireless ZB ZigBee Mesh Networking features.  ZB ZigBee is a perfect integration of good speed and excellent reliability, and for the first time, you can now improve data reliability by adding routers between the computer and far away devices.

Here is a quick rundown of what you should expect from ZB ZigBee Mesh Network:

Plug a Coordinator into the USB Port of your computer.  The Coordinator will be used to communicated to your wireless ZB ZigBee Mesh Network.  The Coordinator will mount as a COM port on your PC.  Open the COM port and start sending data to the Coordinator.  The Coordinator will forward your data to any or all devices on the ZB ZigBee Mesh Network.

A ZB ZigBee Mesh Network consists of up to three components: 
Mesh Networking Coordinator Icon
Mesh Networking Communications Icon
Mesh Networking Router Icon
Mesh Networking Communications Icon
Mesh Networking Router Icon
Mesh Networking Communications Icon
Mesh Networking Endpoint Icon
A Coordinator is Required because it allows your computer to talk to the ZB ZigBee Mesh Network.  Use only ONE coordinator in your ZB ZigBee Mesh Network.
A Router allows data to hop to another part of the ZB ZigBee Mesh Network.  It helps contribute to the network, and it can serve as an Endpoint device.  In other words, if a relay controller has the Router firmware installed, you can talk to this device directly, or data can be forwarded from this device to another device that may be too far away for the Coordinator to reach directly.  Routers are slower than endpoint devices, so use routers wisely.
An Endpoint device can also be a relay controller or many other types of NCD devices.  However, endpoint devices cannot forward data to other parts of the ZB ZigBee Mesh Network.  Endpoint devices are faster than router devices, so it is always wise to use Endpoint devices when possible, and router devices when required.

More on Firmware Options

Attention: Mesh Networking Support

Please Note: We offer the Mesh Networking platform for customers that are experienced with using this wireless protocol.  NCD ZB ZigBee Mesh Devices are NOT an ideal learning platform for ZB ZigBee Mesh Networking.  If you are NOT familiar with how ZB ZigBee Mesh devices work, a development kit is REQUIRED as it is not possible for NCD technical support to teach and fully support the ZB ZigBee Mesh Communications Protocol.  Please order part number: 602-1184-ND from for Learning about ZB ZigBee Mesh.  NCD Devices are FULLY Compatible with this development kit.

This device uses the ZB ZigBee Mesh Networking wireless communications protocol, and should not be confused with 802.15.4 wireless devices which look very similar, but are NOT compatible.

Please Note: This Device May Require up to 10 Business Days to Complete the Manufacturing and Testing Cycle

Easy Software Development

Most of our customers write their own program for controlling these devices and use almost any language to do this.  This boards supports the Serial Port Profile, meaning they will mount to the computer as a virtual com port making it very easy to send commands to the device.  This board will support almost any programming language you are comfortable with.

Plug-In for Visual Studio

The NCD Component Library is a plug-in for the Visual Studio 2005/2008 that greatly simplifies the communications to the NCD product line. The samples can be run in Visual Studio and fully customizable to your needs.  Over 40 samples included with this free download!  Component Library.

Base Station Software

Base StationBase Station will assist you in learning how this device functions and is the ultimate reference tool for setting up, testing and controlling this device.  Base Station software supports every feature of this device - no other controller manufacturer even comes close to offering this type of software.  Base Station works by communicating with your controller to identify the model and provides the appropriate graphical user interface for setting up and testing the identified device.  To help you get started and learn this controller Quick Start Guides are available for just about every feature.  As you discover a feature in Base Station a link is provided where you can easily download the Quick Start Guide.

ProXR Lite Relay

We've looked at the interface and the programming now let's take a look at the board design itself.  The ProXR Lite series controllers are machine manufactured for a highly accurate and reliable design.  Fully tested before they leave the production facility each ProXR Lite controller is ready to stand up to rigorous demands from heat, cold or vibration.  The best test of all is the numerous boards in the field from customers all over the world in all sorts of conditions.  Take it from us, these controllers will hold up!

Break-A-Way Tabs for a Smaller Design

The ProXR Lite relays have a great feature where space is a premium - Break-A-Way Tabs. The Break-A-Way Tabs allow most boards to fit in an optional undrilled plastic enclosure.  Snap off the Break-A-Way Tabs and you have a controller with a smaller profile when you need to fit in a tight space.

Not Expandable

Unlike it's big brother, the ProXR Series, the ProXR Lite series controllers are NOT expandable. The firmware still thinks 256 relays are available but the relay portion of the controller only responds to the first 1, 2, 4 or 8 relays in Bank 1.

Read Analog Sensors

We did NOT skip the Analog Input portion of the ProXR Lite.  All ProXR Lite controllers offer a 8-Channel 8/10-Bit Analog to Digital Converter in addition to relay control.  Read and control from 8 sensors per board from 0 to 5 volts!  Look for more on this below.

Full ProXR Enhanced Firmware Installed

This board has ProXR Firmware installed that responds to the full ProXR Command Set - it's just not expandable.  The ProXR Firmware is the industry leading firmware for controlling relays with more commands and functionality than any other board on the market.  The list of commands and parameters this board is capable of is extensive.  ProXR Enhanced is the newly released enhance version of the ProXR Firmware with more commands, more functionality and better control than ever before!  For a detailed list of all the commands with descriptions see our ProXR Enhanced Command Set.

Compliance to ROHS StandardsRoHS Compliant

This board is led free and RoHS Compliant.  If your requirements are for RoHS compliant parts this board is manufactured with RoHS compliant led free parts and solder.

30-Day Warranty/Money Back Guarantee

ProXR Lite series controllers are guaranteed against manufacturing and functionality defects for a full 30 days!  Not to mention a 30-day money back guarantee!  If for any reason you are not happy with a relay purchased from Relay Pros, simply return it within 30 days and we will give you your money back!  Controllers that are damaged by our customers will not of course be warranted under any circumstances. 

Thousands or Relay Cycles

ProXR Lite series controllers are designed for long life, you should expect to get years of service from your controller and literally thousands of cycles from the relay(s) onboard.  With a 30-day warranty and a money back guarantee you have nothing to loose!  Place your order now, while everything is in front of you.


The boards sold are brand new units shipped from our office conveniently located in Missouri.  These boards are completely tested before they are released for shipping  With so many boards on our site it is impossible to stock boards, please allow two to three days production time for your order to ship.  If you have any questions please feel free to call our office at 800-960-4287 or e-mail us at

ProXR Lite Is Here!

A more streamlined manufacturing process brings a more durable, reliable and better relay board to the market.  Here's a lists of great features:

    User Friendly Board Design
  • Surface mount allows for a smaller more reliable board
  • Break-A-Way Tabs lets you decide the board's size
  • Screw terminal or direct relay connections make connecting to the board easy

    ProXR Lite Features
  • Works with the full ProXR Enhanced Command Set
  • 8-Channel 8/10-Bit Analog to Digital Converter
  • Highly reliable relay with industry leading command set

    ProXR Lite Limitations
  • This controller cannot be expanded

Analog to Digital Conversion

Analog Inputs are very special in that they are sensitive to voltage changes.  Analog to Digital (A/D) conversion is the process of converting a voltage in the range of 0 to 5VDC into a number that can be processed by custom software that you develop.  The ProXR Command Set will allow you to send a command to the board and read voltage levels from 0-5 volts using 8-bit resolution.  8-Bit resolution will read the voltage input (from 0 to 5VDC) and then is interpreted as a value from 0 to 255.  Zero being a contact closure input.

    For Example
  • A voltage input of 0 Volts is interpreted as a value of 0
  • A voltage input of 2.5 Volts is interpreted as a value of 127
  • A voltage input of 5 Volts is interpreted as a value of 255

So if you divide 5 Volts by 255 possible steps (0-255 for 8-Bit resolution), the board is sensitive to voltage changes as small as 0.019 Volts.  This controller has eight A/D inputs, each input is capable of reading a separate voltage from 0 to 5 VDC, provided all voltages can share a common ground.  This is particularly useful for reading temperature sensors (one temperature sensor is built into select boards mostly 4 & 8 channel, shared with analog input number 8).  A/D Inputs are also useful for reading light level sensors, thermocouples, switch closures, or just about any other kind of sensor you can think of.

A/D Sample Programs Available

Eight Different A/D Sample programs are available in the Component Library.  These samples are available as a free download and are compatible with Visual Studio. 


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