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Bluetooth Relay

Bluetooth Relay Controller 4-Channel 20 Amp SPDT + UXP Expansion Port

Product Code: ZUXPR420ProXR_ZBT

Bluetooth Relay Controller
This Device Acts like its Directly Connected to the Serial Port of your PC, Laptop, or PDA!!!  Wireless Data Collection and Control Could NOT be Easier!!!  Bluetooth Powered Relay Controllers Offer Wireless Communications with No Special Software and
Compliance to ROHS Standards

Control this Device Over the Internet
Signal Switch Compatible

Bluetooth Relay Controller 4-Channel 20 Amp SPDT + UXP Expansion Port


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The latest version of the ProXR Series have interchangeable communications modules that can be swapped at will. Simply disconnect all power from the board and pull off one module and replace it with another.

Bluetooth ProXR Series at a Glance

  • Reliable Sturdy Design
  • 200 to 300 Ft. Wireless Range
  • Pair with Your Computer/Smart Phone/Tablet
  • ProXR Versions
      - Full ProXR Command Set
      - Expandable to 256 Relays
  • 16 Available Timers
  • Mounts as a COM Port for Computer Users
  • Free Android App Available

This video will introduce you to the world of Bluetooth Communications and show you how we integrate Bluetooth into our boards.
Also read our Article on Bluetooth Communications.


This video is a basic introduction to the world of Computer Controlled Switching and Relays in general.
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Watch to find out the advantages of wireless communications and the differences between wireless communications.
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This video will show you what Induction is and how to use Capacitors to Suppress it.
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Learn about the mechanics, applications, and tricks to Analog to Digital Conversion.
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This movie will show you how to find the Com Port assigned to your Relay Controller.
The first half of the video will show you how to do so in Windows Vista and the second half is using Windows XP.


This movie will explain the different expansion options that can be used with our controllers.


Test of the range of our Wireless Communication Options


Test of the range of our IEE 802.15.4 Wireless Communication Options


Here's Where to Order

Ratings AC DC
Voltage 240 24
Bluetooth Relay Controller 4-Channel 20 Amp SPDT + UXP Expansion Port
Stock#: ZUXPR420ProXR_ZBT $305.00

Power Supply Available

PWR12 Power Supply
The PWR12 is regulated power supply providing clean power necessary for the performance of these boards
Power Supplies $24/ea

Desktop Control

Desktop Control & Monitoring
Purchase N-Button fot this controller
N-Button creates desktop widgets to turn relay on/off directly without any programming.

Order Today with This Board for Only $99
Stock#: N-Button $169
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Wireless Bluetooth ProXR Enhanced with UXP:

Bluetooth Relay Controller with
UXP Expansion Port and XR Expansion Port
Wireless Bluetooth Control from your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer!

About Bluetooth

So, you are looking for an easy way for your laptop or PDA to talk to a relay controller with minimal programming.  No Problem, we have just the thing.  Data Collection and Control from a Single Controller allows any Bluetooth equipped computer to talk to our devices as though they were directly connected to a serial port....with NO DRIVERS REQUIRED!

It works like this.  Power up our controller.  Boot up your laptop or PDA.  Use your Bluetooth software built into your computer to Pair this device with your computer.  Once Paired, this device will mount as a COM port on your PDA or Laptop.  Now all you have to do is write a simple program to open the COM port of your computer to talk to this device.

Android App Available

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play marketplace. Currently it allows you to control up to 8 relays each with individual names. All you have to do is download the app, pair with the desired Bluetooth Board, open the app and select the desired device. Select how many relays your board has, name them if desired. 

Get the app now!

Scan the QR code above with your Android phone to download this free app.

About ProXR

If you are already using one of our ProXR series controllers connected to the Serial Port or USB Port, then you will not have to make any software changes.  This device works as though it were directly connected to a serial port on your PC, offering 100% transparent wireless serial communications.

With all the control and backward/forward compatibility you have come to expect from the ProXR series command set, this controller allows you to send simple commands to activate relays, read the status of relays, activate up to 16 relay timers, and control up to 256 total relays using the XR expansion port.  All relays are electronically latched, simply send a command to turn the relay on, send a different command to turn the relay off.

Read More About the ProXR Standard

About Universal Expansion Ports

If you need to add capabilities beyond basic relay control to your application, then you may want to consider using one of our controllers equipped with a UXP Expansion Port. UXP is a standardized data port, specifically for the purpose of speaking to various expansion modules. This Relay Controller is equipped with a UXP port, allowing you to take advantage of extended commands to speak to our growing line of I/O expansion modules.

Read More About Universal Expansion Ports


N-Button & N-Button Lite is software that allows you to configure buttons to control relays and read the status of those relays without programming. You can also create meters for reading variable input sensors connected to the board in real time!  N-Button will allow you to create unlimited widgets and N-Button Lite will allow you to create up to 8 widgets.

Custom Buttons
When you create custom buttons in N-Button & N-Button Lite you can use any of the commands that are in a ProXR Command Set that is available with this relay. You can find the full command set here. It's quite extensive and you can configure the buttons to activated these commands. These buttons will be on your desktop of your computer and when you click on a button it will send the command to the board provided the board is connected to the computer. You can also change the shape, color and text of each button so you will know exactly what each button controls.
Relay Buttons
Relay Button widgets turn on/off relays directly. It has never been easier to control relays, no programming skills required. Create a button that turns a relay on and another one to turn the relay off or create a button that toggles the relay on and off. It's up to you and easy to configure with the N-Button Lite software!

Relay Status Relay Status widgets shows the status of the relay automatically. Just a glance at your desktop will show the status of the relay!

Save 40% on N-Button Today
Limited time offer! Order the N-Button Lite with a relay board and get it for the unbelievable price of just $29.00. That's a discount of 40% off the retail price! If you purchase the full N-Button it's just $99.00 with the purchase of a relay board and that's a 41% savings off retail price! Desktop control, sensor meters and backgrounds plus all the customization for just one low price, purchase your copy of N-Button Lite today.

Free ProMOTE Software

ProMOTE Lets you Control NCD Devices from your Phone, PDA, Pocket PC, or Computer!  Create your OWN Interface to Control NCD Devices with NO PROGRAMMING!!...Best of All...It's FREE!!!

The ProMOTE Software now ELIMINATES THE NEED FOR PROGRAMMING!    Simply download and install the free software, configure the buttons to fit your needs and you're ready to go.  With no drivers required for the Bluetooth Connection and no programming for the control, what could be easier! 

Attention: Relays Provide No Voltage Output

Please Note: Relays do NOT provide a voltage output. They provide a contact closure output, exactly like the terminals found on a light switch at your local hardware store. Wiring to a relay will be slightly different depending on the model controller you choose.
For wiring information see our Relay Logic page.