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N-Button Software

Desktop Relay Control

N-Button Lite Desktop Control     Colored "V" Fobs

All The Features You Need...

  • N-Button Lite Supports up to 8 Widgets
  • N-Button Supports up to 255 Widgets
  • Create Desktop Buttons and Widgets
  • Relay Button widgets are used to turn relays on/off
  • Relay Status widgets are used to display status of the relay automatically
  • A/D Meter widgets are used to read and show the value of A/D channel automatically
  • Internet Operation
     - Enter IP address of board
  • Static Label widgets allow you to show static text or image on your desktop
  • Create Custom Background
     - With Your Company Logo
     - With Any Picture You Choose
     - With N-Button Background Plug-In
N-Button Lite
Real-Time Status & Control

N-Button software allows you to configure buttons to control relays and read the status of those relays without programming.  You can also create meters for reading variable input sensors connected to the board in real time!

Limited Time Offer!
Order the N-Button Lite with your controller and get it for the unbelievable discounted price of just $29.00!  That's a discount of 40% off the retail price! If you purchase the full N-Button it's just $99.00 with the purchase of a relay board and that's a 41% savings off retail price!

Purchase and Download Now!

N-Button Lite  creates widgets to control most NCD relay boards without any programming!

N-Button Software
Desktop Relay Control
  • 8 Widgets Available
  • Control Relays & Read Sensor Levels Right on Your Desktop
N Button Standard Software
  • 255 Widgets Available
  • Control Relays & Read Sensor Levels Right on Your Desktop