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Taralist Relay - Time Activated Relay using Integrated Real Time Clock

The Professional's Relay Choice for the most demanding applications!

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Android Relay - Smart Phone & Tablet Control

Control Relays with a Tablet or Smart Phone

Android Relay can control relays with an Android phone
or tablet over a WiFi or Bluetooth connection.

Without any programming from you, and a little bit of configuration in the app, you can control relays within minutes of getting your Android Relay board.

Relay Control From Your Smart Phone!

Purchase a Controller, Download the Free App
& Control Relays with Your Smart phone or Tablet!

Time Controlled Relays

Control Relays with a Time Schedule

Time Activated Relay
Boards That Know What Time It Is

Time Activated Relay Controllers a have an integrated battery backed Real Time Clock with memory that allows users to control relays based on a time schedule. Use your computer to setup the time schedule and store into the controller. Once stored, the computer is not required, and will activate relays according to a schedule that can be as simple or as complex as your application requires.

Time Delay Relay
Configure Time Relay will Remain Active

Our Reactor Series controllers make a great time delay relay. You can define up to 8 timers that run in the background. Each timer can have a different time assigned to it.  Timers can be triggered orcanceled based on input events.  Relays can be associated with timers so the relays only come on when the timer is active. Timers support Event Piping. Event Piping means a timer can trigger another timer or another event after the timer has completed its cycle.

  • Configurable Time Delay
  • No Computers
  • No Programming
  • Trigger with Sensor or Key Fob

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