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N_BUTTON Software

N Button Standard Software

N-Button creates widgets to control most controllers on this site without any programming.

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N Button Standard Software


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N Button Standard Software
Stock#: N_BUTTON $195.00

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Stock#: N-Button_Lite $57.00
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Control Relays Right From Your Desktop

Read Analog to Digital Levels on Your Desktop
Create Buttons to Activate Relays From Your Desktop
Save Money & Time On Programming - N-Button Does It For You!

N-Button creates widgets to control most NCD relay controller boards without any programming!

N-Button supports Serial Port/ USB and Network connection between the PC and the relay board. Add any type of included N-Button widgets with N-Button Manager.
It's also very easy to modify the widget's properties to get the button and configuration you are looking for. N-Button will control most relays on this site.  N-Button is not compatible with Reactor/Key Fob or Taralist relay since these controllers have their own configuration software included with the board or MirC/MirX controllers since these don't require any software or programming at all.

N-Button Lite

N-Button Lite has all the buttons and widgets of the full version and supports up to 8 widgets.  Created for users with smaller needs to save money, N-Button Lite is a powerful tool for controlling relays or reading A/D inputs with up to 8 widgets.  If you want to add more than 8 widgets, simply upgrade to the standard version.

Widget Options

There are four types of widgets, Relay Button, Relay Status, A/D Meter and Customized Button.

Relay Button
Relay Button widgets turn on/off relays directly. It has never been easier to control relays before. Create a button that turns a relay on and another one to turn the relay off or create a button that toggles the relay on and off. It's up to you and easy to configure with the N-Button software!
Relay Status
Relay Status widgets show status of the relay automatically. Just a glance at your desktop will show the status of the relay!
A/D Meter
A/D Meter widgets are probably the best of all since they display the value of A/D channel automatically. If you are measuring light levels, temperature levels or any kind of sensor it's like having a meter right on your desk for constant monitoring. Best of all the increments on the meter can be fully customized to fit your needs!  Choose an Analog to Digital controller (look for AD in the part number) purchase a copy of N-Button or N-Button Lite and you can read the A/D levels right on your desktop!
Customized Button
Customized Button widgets can send user-defined data to relay board. It also supports to open or run other file and application.

N Button Standard Software
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Price: $195.00
N Button Standard Software

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